Applications That Empower Your People

Whether you are using Workday, Successfactors, or Greenhouse, or any other ATS, EightFold transforms your talent ecosystem. Our fully integrated, AI-driven platform delivers gives Talent teams the insights needed to optimize the entire employee lifecycle, and build a winning organization.

Build your very own talent network

  • Create a centralized system of record for all your talent data, across ATS, HRMS, spreadsheets, resume books and file folders
  • Parse and organize people data, for a rich view of every individual, including relationships and communication history

Gain actionable insights--from candidate-to-alumni

  • Discover top performers, and identify performance trends across all employees
  • See who is at risk for attrition
  • Use data to uncover the best-fit individual for every job

Engage people on an ongoing basis

  • Engage current employees and alumni to drive more referrals
  • Keep past candidates engaged to shorten future hiring cycles
  • Build your brand with hyper-personalized recruitment marketing

Drive Best Fit Hires

  • Select the “ideal” candidate from existing profiles within or outside your company
  • Use guided research assistant to build more effective job descriptions
  • Use market data to understand what skills to look for in a role, and where the best candidates come from

Ensure Candidates Apply To The Right Job

  • Guide inbound applicants to the most relevant jobs based on their profile
  • Ensure job descriptions are well calibrated, and always relevant

Never Miss a Great Referral

  • Make it easy for engaged employees and alumni to refer the most relevant candidates
  • Surface qualified referral candidates in real time to the most relevant recruiters.

Get Qualified and Engaged Pipeline For Your Open Roles

  • Get an instant pipeline of qualified candidate profiles for every open role
  • Automatically enrich data from your talent pools
  • Accelerate hiring cycles by learning from from past hiring decisions
  • Rich data around every individual to understand fit and potential

Make Candidate Discovery Smarter

  • Uncover the hidden gems in your ATS and other candidate databases
  • Refine and filter people by traits, engagement and qualifications
  • Set alerts and engage people as and when they are ready to move

Understand people with actionable insights

  • Get a complete and centralized candidate view, leveraging detailed information from across the web
  • Reveal deep insights about your people--including top performers, new skills, overlapping connections, and alignment with company culture

Eliminate Hiring Bias

  • Screen candidates anonymously
  • Mask names, images and anything else that can create biased hiring practices

Manage The Success of Your Diversity Initiatives

  • Understand where is bias introduced in your interview process
  • Prioritize actions to help you eliminate bias from your hiring process

Help Employees Achieve Their Full Potential

  • Help employees understand what growth opportunities exist in the organization
  • Recommend opportunities to resolve skill gaps, find mentorship, or take on new challenges within the company
  • Break through cultural and skill silos to build a well-rounded, inclusive organization

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